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About TGI

Triple Green Innovation stands for quality, competitive prices and fast delivery. With our years of experience in both the technical side and the grower side, we are an extremely suitable party for making all your trays. In addition, we like to think along with our customers and we are flexible in making new products, because of the good and trusted cooperation with our mold manufacturer MAKU.

Our Services

We design and make trays for growing lettuce on water, among other things. In addition to offering various options of trays for the lettuce growing sector, we like to think and design other products for growing other vegetables on water.

  • EPS 10H
  • EPS 12H
  • EPS 14H
  • EPS 16H
  • EPS 18H
  • EPS 20H
  • EPS 48H
  • EPS 54H
  • PS 60H
  • EPS 8F
  • PE 8F
  • Tomatenbak Hydroponic

  • wortels
  • DSC_0025
  • Steiner (1)
  • Revol California (9)
  • T&T L4F (6)
  • Steiner
  • Revol California (8)
  • Foto L4F kropsla
  • foto Albers kas
  • Revol California (11)
  • T&T L4F (1)